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Editor's Notes


Now that basketball season is over it's a time to reflect on the past season. I just finished three state tournaments in three weeks and I always feel a little glad to have one sport over and to begin another. After three-four months it's good to move on.

As I think about the season just past, I have to marvel at what the Lady Spartans accomplished. They not only had a winning season but a winning state tournament.

As I watched the other state tournaments, I realized what a feat these Lady Spartans accomplished. Once you get to the state tournament, all the competition is stiff. Getting past each game is very difficult.

The Lady Pirates won region, their first two games at state, but lost their next two which put them fourth in state. The Emery boys lost in their first round in Logan. The Green River boys won their region and at state won one and then lost the next two. They had a great year and will lose all their starters so I expect next year will be a building year for them.

It's really tough for these small schools to fill their teams with only a limited number of students in seventh-12th grades.

The Emery girls are building a rich tradition. As the years go by, it will become even more of an honor for these young ball players to be on this winning team.

As teams become better and begin winning a lot, it tends to be expected. I cite what just happened with the University of Utah. Not too many years back they played for a national championship and just last week their coach stepped down. They haven't been winning and it reaches a point where the schools want something done.

The Emery girls will continue to win. They may not win a state championship every year, but they will continue to be good. I hope that during the times when they may not be winning that the fans will still support them.

Over the years, I've watched the football fans at Emery High School dwindle as the team has had a few losing seasons in a row. Of course teams are easier to support when they're winning, but win or lose these are our kids, our future.

Let's get behind them in all they do, not just sports, but academic endeavors as well.

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