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Emery and Carbon girls basketball



Congratulations Emery High and Carbon High girls basketball teams. I am proud of your winning first and third in the 3A State basketball tournament. You played well and hard throughout the tournament.

Emery High was the team to beat. Other teams could start well against them but always wore down and fell behind. The girls had class. Their defense and offense were exceptional. The opposing fans were downhearted because their girls couldn't get past our defenders, and were afraid our girls couldn't miss set-ups, 3-pointers, or foul shots.

Carbon girls played hard, always in the way of the other teams and stopping their best efforts. They always came up with enough points to win. In their final game they put everything together, an excellent offense to match their great defense. Had their second game ended 15 seconds sooner, Carbon High would have played Emery High for the championship.

I was proud of our fans. They were cheering and hoping but never rowdy and offensive (as some fans were).

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