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Buckhorn Archers fling arrows all winter

Even the ladies get into the bow shooting competition.

The Buckhorn Archers have been shooting throughout the winter months in the Emery County Recreation Center on Wednesdays.

The point totals to date are: men's division-Patrick Hansen-1199; AJ O'Neil-1179; and Brook Smith-1175. In the women's division: Lori O'Neil-1132; Carli O'Neil-1032; and Charlene Hansen-1022. The youth division (18 and under): Jacob Martinez-1051; Bryan Larsen-1026; and Jed Farnsworth-846.

The group shoots every Wednesday and people are still welcome to join in or make-up past shoots. The awards dinner will be April 4 at 6 p.m. at the recreation center. Archers will be able to shoot for prizes that evening. The 3-D shoot will be held May 19 at Bear Creek Campground in Huntington Canyon.

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