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Global Warming



The statement, "Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it" written by Charles D. Warner in the 1800s is both right and wrong. It is correct in saying the weather is often a topic of conversation. However it is wrong in saying we don't do anything about the weather. We can't do much to alter the weather, but we do many things to protect us from the vagaries of weather.

Recently Democrats have found a way for naturally occurring weather events to do something for them. They have managed to make any unusual weather, and what weather isn't, seem to be the result of man made global warming. And since the Democrats are the party that accepts man made global warming as real, they are perceived as trying to solve the problem, not as part of it. So now every time we experience bad weather people hold Republicans and President Bush at fault and look to the Democrats for solutions.

I do not believe we are responsible for any substantial global warming. Since proof of man made global warming is based on what some or many scientists believe, not what is fact, my belief is as sound as their belief.

Tom McCourt wrote it best when he said in a July 4, 2006 column "The truth is, that the climate of the world is constantly changing. It is always in transition. Sometimes the climate is getting warmer and sometimes it is getting colder. It has been happening that way since the beginning of time."

Studies that show present warming conveniently leave out data that shows similar warming or cooling in the past without the presence of increased levels of man made carbon dioxide.

If the earth heats up or cools down, rest assured we will adapt. Our best ally in this endeavor will be having a free and strong capitalist economy, not one hamstringed by unnecessary and silly restrictions.

I believe man made global warming is being played up not only for political gain, but also, as Thomas Sowell writes, for material gain. "It is not just the sky that is falling. Government money is falling on those who seek grants to study global warming and produce "solutions" for it.'"

It is the ultimate sign of mans vanity to believe that we can control or are responsible for climate. Folks are just going to have to realize the weather is one thing we can not control or change. However I am sure the weather will continue to be a good conversation starter, and as always we will continue to do things that help us endure weather's affects.

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