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Letter to the Editor: Support of school vouchers

Castle Dale


Freedom of Education or freedom from forced childhood indoctrination by public schools religions (i.e. atheism, anti-God, homosexuality, secular humanism, abortion rights and a whole host of other ultra liberal extremist agendas and beliefs) is why Utah needs school vouchers giving parents the money and the choice to remove their children from the corruption of public schools. Ultra left Democrats (those leading the fight against vouchers) think they have every right to demand that their moral values (or lack thereof) are the only ones taught to the majority of school children. Their opposition to vouchers shows just how much they are bent on making sure no one but the wealthy can escape their forced indoctrination.

Quoting ones recent newspaper article "if we pander to the wealthy and allow extremist political or religious groups to indoctrinate the next generation we risk destroying everything our nation stands for." (Emery County Progress 3-12-07)

Nothing could be further from the truth. Vouchers pander to the poorer classes, the wealthy can already afford private schools. In the minds of the ultra liberal those who would openly profess a belief in God, oppose killing children and oppose same sex marriage etc. are 'extremists' whose indoctrination must not be allowed.

Signing the petition to stop school vouchers is a vote against freedom and a vote for the continuing downward spiral of American moral values.

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