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Letter to the Editor: Stop the stop signs



Huntington City Council is under the impression that stop signs were created as a means of controlling speed. While I think highly of our city officials as individuals and applaud the city's interest in creating a safe atmosphere in our town, I am very much opposed to the method they have chosen of doing it. Traffic planners use a basic rule:speed limit signs (and appropriate enforcement) are used to control speed; traffic lights are used to control access; stop signs are used where there are safety issues.

The other rule of thumb is to always utilize the least restrictive method possible so as to not create impediments to the flow of traffic. The stop signs at random intersections in Huntington are in direct opposition to these basic principles. Furthermore, the idea that the drivers who ignore speed limit signs are going to heed stop signs is ludicrous, so essentially what these signs accomplish is to punish those citizens who try to obey the laws.

City residents who are in agreement that these stop signs are not only a nuisance, but are creating a situation in which drivers simply ignore traffic signs, need to go beyond complaining amongst themselves and contact their city councilpersons to voice their objections. In a recent public hearing, in response to several comments expressing displeasure with the recent increase of stop signs, the mayor's comment was "and there will be more." Our city officials are empowered by the vote of the people whom they represent and it is time for the residents of Huntington to make their voices heard in regards to this situation. Please take the time to contact your city representatives with your feedback at the city hall 687-2436. I appreciate the opportunity to express my opinion.

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