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Summer Camp, a play by Teri McElprang's class at Huntington Elementary

Logen Ewell as the bear, frightens campers Paola Olivas, Nate Gilbert and Jose Lopez.

On March 13, Teri McElprang's second grade class performed their annual play for the student body and parents in three performances during the day. The title of the play was Summer Camp and the students learned many fun songs along with the dialogue.

The students that performed in the play are: Kaden Allred, Ashton Hardman, Huntter Sherman, Jacey Shiew, Jaylynn Cowley, Ingrid Hernandez, Lisa Hunsaker, Dallas Scott, Logen Ewell, Paola Olivas, Nate Gilbert, Jose Lopez, Daryl Guymon, Nickolas Oviatt, Derek Justice, Kobe Faimalo, Brandon Westenskow and Race Nielson.

Others involved in the production, who the students really appreciate are: Marie Guymon Johnson, Paulene Sitterud, Kristi Gilbert, Lori Kay, Amanda Burnside, Kenlyn Nielson, Brandon Sitterud, Pete McElprang, Tiana McElprang and Tammy Oviatt. They also appreciate the faculty, staff and the other students of Huntington Elementary.

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