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J.h. Junior Varsity Wrap-up

Kim Oldroyd passes the ball.

The Junior High Junior Varsity teams played their tournament at Mont Harmon recently. For the boys, Canyon View played Mont Harmon and lost. San Rafael boys played Helper and won. They then went to the championship game against Mont Harmon and won. For the girls, Canyon View played San Rafael and lost. San Rafael then went to the championship game against Mont Harmon and lost.

San Rafael boys team: Chance Huntington, Hunter Huntington, Jess Winn, Kash Jewkes, Gage Bell, Ty Benson, Matthew Behling, Jacob Tuttle, Nathan Doria, Quin Montgomery and Jade Fielder.Coaches Layne Hales and Wayne Tuttle.

San Rafael girls team: Mandy Langston, Tayler Jewkes, Shailee Stokes, Whitney Roper, Teigan Adams, Kim Oldroyd, Mandy Davis, Camie Whittle, Marqui Moss and Adrie Huntington. Coaches Kirk Robinson and Jarett Gilbert

Canyon View boys team; Nathan Mecham, Johathan Reynolds, McKoy Allred, Colton Collard, Spencer Fehlberg, Kramer Kemple, Tyrell Clement, Austin Olsen, Nick Stoddard, Brandon Oliver, Damion Gordon, Kramer Kemple and Jordan Lake. Coaches Greg Oliver and Bill Wright.

Canyon View girls team; Miranda Miller, Kenna Allred, Makayla Copinga, Ashlin Daley, Jolynn Jennings, Kaitlyn Thomson, Tealan Miller, Laurel Roundy, Sharamie Atwood, Janessa Rasmussen and Kyann Kofford. Coaches Eric Mortensen and Jackie Weihing.

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