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Elmo Town discusses new fire station

Staff writer

Elmo Mayor Kirt Rasmussen announced at the recent town meeting that the plans for the new fire station and town hall are moving along rapidly.

Construction is expected to begin in the next two weeks.

"This process is moving faster and faster. The contracts have been signed and construction will begin very soon. I know there are some questions about the use of the ball fields during the construction. Careful scrutiny has been taken to ensure that the children will be able to use the fields during the summer. From the beginning of the construction process, the facility should be complete in 180 days. The contractor for the project is Lewis Stilson Construction," said Mayor Rasmussen.

In other business conducted by Elmo Town, the municipal building authority convened and passed a resolution giving authority to the mayor to sign documents pertaining to the town hall/fire station project.

The council discussed the summer work for Elmo. They approved to let out bids for the upkeep of the town's park, cemetery and ball fields. They will also let a bid for the water meter reading and gutter and drain cleaning.

It was announced that Horse and Buggy Days will be held Aug. 17-18. The next Elmo Town council meeting will be held April 11 at 7 p.m. at the Elmo Library.

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