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Stop in the name of safety: the purpose behind added stop signs in county

Staff writer

This stop sign at the intersection of 100 East and 100 North makes the corner a four way stop.

At least two Emery County cities have recently installed new stop signs on the city streets. Castle Dale has installed three new signs and Huntington has installed many new signs with more to come.

A Castle Dale representative stated that the new signs were installed in that town due to parental requests for childrens' safety. Two new signs were added at the corner of 100 East and 100 North making the corner a four way stop. Due to the number of children in the area of the library and the city park, the decision to install the new signs was made for safety reasons.

The other new stop sign is located at the corner of 300 East and 100 North. Eastbound traffic on this street has, in the past, had a yield sign. That yield sign was replaced with a stop sign.

In Huntington, stop signs have been installed at every corner from the north edge of the city to the south edge, along 100 East and 200 West. Other signs have been installed on different intersections throughout the city.

Huntington City Mayor Jackie Wilson stated, "The city council and the sheriff looked very closely at the safety issues and needs of Huntington. The council made the decision to install more stop signs in an effort to slow down the traffic in the city. We have had one child hit and killed, and another hit and injured. It has to stop. I have had many people call and complain that the new signs are inconvenient. I'm sorry but I'm taking safety over convenience."

As for other towns in Emery County, the only one that is considering more stops signs at the present time is Orangeville. All drivers must be aware and notice if anything is new. Just because there wasn't a sign there yesterday doesn't mean there isn't one there today.

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