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Kids Count info about Emery County

Kids Count is a project of Voices for Utah Children that tracks the status of children and provides policy makers and citizens accurate, accessible data on child well-being. The statistics represented here are for 2006.

The information, as it pertains to Emery County children is: Emery County population-10,423; the number of children ages 0-4 are 784; and the number of children ages 5-17 are 2,250. This represents a 49.2 dependency ratio.

As for the economic situations of the Emery County children, 480 of the children live in poverty. That is 15 percent of the children in Emery County. There are 622 of those children whose families receive earned income tax credits, for a total of 16 percent.

Four hundred two Emery County children receive food stamps, 53 are on the family employment program, and 14 belong to child care through that program.

Where education is concerned, 2,340 children are enrolled in grades K-12 and there is a 20.5 student to teacher ratio. The per pupil expenditure is $6,744. The percentage of children who receive free or reduced lunches is 47.5.

In the health portion of the survey, the number of women who receive health care in the first trimester is 676, which is 79.9 percent. The number of low birth weight babies was 58, for a total of 6.9 percent of the babies born. The infant mortality rate was 7 while the injury death rate was 6. There were 16 births to married or unmarried teens ages 15-17. The number of confirmed victims of child abuse or neglect in Emery County was 70.

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