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Letter to the Editor: Appreciation for fans



We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the people in our community for the support they gave the Lady Spartans this year. It was such an awesome experience.

It was heart-warming to see so many fans from Emery County at the State tournament in St. George. The student body showed up and so did many others, including many that had no special ties to the team. They just wanted to cheer them on and support the team in their quest for the title. The championship game was unbelievable; the Lady Spartans had hundreds of enthusiastic fans. They could be heard over everyone. It really helped, because Dixie had home court advantage.

For other fans that couldn't travel to St. George, they were sitting by a radio somewhere, intensely listening to every play. When the team arrived home, it was so exciting to see so many cheering people and a police escort. It was a victory for all the community to share.

Even during the regular season, the games had huge crowds, someone was always giving the girls encouragement and letting them know how great they were. The paper did a good job covering the games and highlighting the players. This meant a lot to the girls.

Also, we would like to send a Big Thanks to the coaches. We are so lucky to have this caliber of coaches at our high school. They have an immense understanding of the fame and how to coach, they work well together, and most importantly they have a genuine desire to see each one of their players be the best they can be. They want them to succeed in every aspect of their lives. They give so much more to these girls than the game of basketball. Their friendships, good times and the lessons they have learned about hard work etc. will continue with them always.

Watching our Lady Spartans win a State Title for the first time will be something we will always remember, but it makes it more special because we can share it with all of you. We live in a great community! Thanks to everyone that has helped and encouraged our daughter throughout the years.

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