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Big Moe's comes to Castle Dale

Big Moe's Eatery and Bakery will occupy the building that was formerly Critter Country Fixins.

Big Moe'e Eatery and Bakery opened in Castle Dale on April 9. When Critter Country Fixins closed, it opened the way for Big Moe to bring his Dutch oven dinners to Emery County.

Reed Phillips, wife Kristen Phillips, children Aubrey, Tyler, Taylor, and Austin. Reed, also known as Big Moe, will run the restaurant which specializes in Dutch oven dinners, but will offer other menu items also.

Reed Phillips, aka Big Moe, said they will serve sandwiches and burgers along with breakfast in the mornings. "We will open at 8 a.m. for breakfast and move into the lunch menu. In the back dining room, there will be sit down meals with waitresses for our customers convenience. We will have the standard fare with the Dutch oven dinners beginning about a month out. There are a few things we have to take care of before we can begin the Dutch oven specialties," said Phillips. The restaurant will be open Monday through Saturday each week.

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