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Hypno Hick rides again

The Hypno Hick, Shaun Dee, puts the Emery County audience deeper and deeper under his control.

The Hypno Hick, Shaun Dee will again visit Emery County for a repeat performance at the fair on Aug. 3. He performed at Fair 2006 for two shows where he packed them in. He had participants dancing, singing, playing in a band and smelling their shoes. It was a funny experience during the afternoon and the word spread quickly as the night time performance was standing room only. The Hypno Hick was born in October of 1975, "I attended Dixie High in the wonderful town of St. George where I was exposed to the powers of hypnosis while attending my psychology class in 1993.

"This exposure began a lifelong and earnest study of hypnosis and the amazing things that the human mind can achieve and that are limited only by the imagination. I found myself experimenting with my little brothers and got a kick out of making them bark like dogs and getting away from them by making them believe they were stuck in their chair.

"During these years I found myself being a natural at entertaining. I love showing the crowd a good time and dishing out the laughs one after another.

"In 2002 I achieved the level of Master Hypnotist and became a Certified Hypnotherapist in March 2003. I have found that hypnosis is extremely powerful in achieving success in almost every aspect of life. It can help you achieve success in business, sports, and life. It is also is one of the most effective and safest means to break bad habits, lose weight, and sleep better. It is also the single best method to reduce stress.

"One of my great joys is doing fundraisers. Some of which have included organizations for terminal illnesses, school sports, scouts, etc," said the Hypno Hick.

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