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Grant for kiosk at swinging bridge

Staff writer

The San Rafael river flows under the swinging bridge. A kiosk will be put in at the site with information about the history of the bridge and surrounding area.

Ray Petersen, Emery County public lands director, and chairman of the Historical Preservation Commission informed the commissioners of a grant the historical group has received. "We applied and received this grant for $3,000, and the project we wish to do is to install an informational kiosk at the Swinging Bridge site with information of the history of the bridge. Ten days ago I met with the Bureau of Land Management and we visited the site and they approved the project," said Petersen. The Emery County Commission also approved the project.The Emery County Commissioners approved to accept the list of 258 businesses in the county which fall under new legislation and have fulfilled the application procedure, to exempt them from paying personal property taxes. County assessor Kris Bell explained that this number is by no means the final count of the businesses which qualify.

The legislation is aimed at businesses that have a value of less than $3,500. "The deadline for application on this program is May 22, so I am sure more of those that are eligible will come forward with applications," said Bell.

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