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North Emery water award

Staff writer

Jack Stoyanoff, Randy Bell, Ken Snook and Laura Fillmore.

Dale Pierson and Ken Snook of the Rural Water Association board were at the recent North Emery Water Users Special Service District meeting to present. the award they won for the best tasting water in Utah. Pierson said, "Each February, the rural water districts meet at their conference in St. George. Thirty to 40 water samples are entered for the taste test to determine who has the best tasting water in the state. They are judged on taste, clarity and bouquet, which is how the water smells. This is the first time in the history of the award that treated water has won the award. Congratulations to North Emery for winning this prestigious award."

Pierson explained at the end of April, Jack Stoyanoff will accompany him to the National conference to be held in Washington D.C. They will deliver samples of North Emery's water to the Senators and Representatives from Utah. He said the Senators look forward to this visit each year. "I also want to thank North Emery for their membership in the association," said Pierson.

Brian Barton from Jones and DeMille Engineering presented the board with a letter of intent that has been drawn up to be sent to the land owners association for the Elk Springs project. "Some of the springs are on private property, some are on US Forest Service property and some are on PacifiCorp property. The piping will be mostly on forest service, and as with any public works project rights of way are a very important part of the project. Mike McCandless has completed the negotiations with the property owners association and has reached an agreement," said Barton. "Now the letter of intent is ready to formalize the agreed upon items. This is a temporary solution until the snow is gone and we can get up there, then the easement deed can be made and recorded."

The next part of the Elk Springs project will be for North Emery to reach an agreement with Jones and DeMille Engineering about the project. Barton gave the board a draft agreement which is a standard form between owner and engineer. The board will review and compile a formal agreement for the engineer.

A renovation project to the office of North Emery Water Users was considered. The bids were opened and the board awarded the project to Masonry Masters, contingent on CIB approval.

The project will entail the refinishing of the front of the building, replacing four windows, painting, and paving the parking lot.

The North Emery Waters Users board meets on the first Thursday each month at 7 p.m.

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