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Imba Subaru Team Comes to Eastern Utah to Work

Sun Advocate reporter

During the past weekend members Jason Wells and Anna Laxague from the International Mountain Bike Association's Subaru Trailcare crew came to eastern Utah to assist local riders in bolstering the Price areas already impressive single track bike trail system.

The teams arrival was greeted with a dinner at the College of Eastern Utah hosted by the Price Area Single Track Society.

According to local member Dondra Nance 32 riders and their families showed up for the dinner. Local riders dined and discussed plans for turning Price into a national destination for both recreational and hardcore mountain biking.

On Saturday the team along with 27 participants built over three quarters of a mile of track on the north east mesa of the Bookcliff trail system.

"Our eventual goal is to connect Luke's Trail with the Mead Rim," said Nance. "We are really proud of the system we are building, it provides challenging riding for more advanced riders while including alternates routes for beginners," continued the Price area dirt betty.

The local PASS group plans to conduct a monthly trail building event and is working with local officials to allow citizens to work off their court ordered public service hours on the trail system.

"We got a lot farther on Saturday than the IMBA people thought we would, by the end they were flagging every five feet," added Nance.

The group also hosted group rides on the trails both Saturday and Sunday hosting a total of 111 individuals over the weekend, 52 of those coming from out of town. Fuzzy Nance is responsible for a large portion of the trails available to riders here in Carbon County and along with the PASS community it is his mission to make Price a real destination for mountain biking.

"This weekend was a giant step in the right direction," concluded Nance.

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