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Commission approves contractor for new pool


Morris Sorensen digs the hole for the soil samples.

The Emery County swimming pool project continues to move along. In the April 17 commission meeting the general contractor was awarded to the Hughes Company from north Salt Lake. Ken Stilson will be the onsite manager. Commissioner Sitterud said the pool committee had reviewed the five request for proposals. They were evaluated by the three commissioners, Brenda Dugmore, clerk/auditor, Randy Jensen, municipal building authority and JJ Grant from the school board.

One of the county's requests was the contractor use Emery County people in the building process where possible. If the company's proposal contained Emery County people then they were given points in the rating process.

"All of the five companies were good. It was very close," said Commissioner Sitterud. He instructed Leslie Bolinder to prepare a letter to send to the other companies thanking them for their interest and participation.

Commissioner Sitterud reported the soil sampling has been done at the pool site. The soil tests aren't back yet, but the four samples were taken from a depth of 20 feet and the soil was very sandy. Gravel wasn't reached in one of the test holes until 16 feet in depth. There is also a ditch running along the fence line which will need to be put into a culvert because the surrounding ground was too wet. In the parking lot area, the gravel depth was at 4 feet. Base will need to be hauled in for the pool building to be placed. Jacob Boone from RB&G Engineering did the soil sampling.

The commissioners met on site with Johansen and Tuttle to look at where the road will be placed. There is already a house along that road and to bring it to level would cause drainage problems at the existing home. To avoid this problem, there will be a dip in the road The road will extend clear across the property.

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