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Local artist to display work at Cleveland Library

Cleveland Library will be the site of the display of local artist, Clifford Oviatt's paintings and other artwork. He has been described as having wonderful patience and great imagination. He has a photographic memory, too, which makes it easy for him to paint scenes without a picture in front of him as a guide.

Clifford began painting when he was 11 years old. He thought it looked interesting so he just gave it a try, and the rest is history. He is self-taught and still finds great self-expression through his work. His favorite subjects are landscapes and wildlife, and he enjoys painting on canvas and murals best. Most of his paintings, including murals, take about 100 hours to complete, so he does them in his home or on location.

Painting isn't Cliff's only talent in the art field. He makes mountain man items out of leather, creates bird houses, arrows, and bear heads from polymer clay and oak, builds shadow boxes, is now rebuilding a black powder gun, and can copy anyone's signature perfectly. When his dad wasn't around, Cliff would sign notes to excuse himself from school classes, without the office even realizing it wasn't his father's signature.

Clifford began to teach painting classes in 1971, and still teaches at Pinnacle Canyon Academy and Cleveland Elementary once a week. "Each art class is a fun time due to the students appreciation," says Cliff. One of his students is his wife Verlynn, whom he married in 1992.

Oviatt's artistry is all around Emery and Carbon counties. Four of the murals in the Museum of the San Rafael are his work, along with the cast wall relief panel and area around the fireplace at the Castle Valley Ranch in Emery. Talon Resources, San Rafael Research, the court chambers in Wellington, and many local homes sport Clifford Oviatt paintings. Everyone is welcome to see his wonderful work displayed at the Cleveland Library for two weeks beginning May 7-18. This great man is appreciated for his willingness to share his work with everyone.

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