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Letter to the Editor: Reprehensible behavior

St. George


Recently I saw several scenes on our local TV stations and I read several articles printed in our daily newspapers, where our State Veterans Cemetery is in sad repair. This condition, according to these articles, has been in this ongoing decline in condition for several years.

I am disturbed beyond words of descriptions as to why. Where was our State Commander over the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, and Veterans of Foreign Wars during these passing years? Had they been attentive to their responsibility they would have contacted a tombstone or monument company at the onset inquiring what would be needed to correct the falling tombstones condition, including all tombstones in the future as a preventative maintenance program.

They should have notified all Local Commanders under them to contact their members for a contribution from the members of their units to rectify and correct this tragic condition from getting out of control. There is more expected from the Veterans organizations besides giving out scholarships or bonds for the best patriotically written article.

I have seen them in their highly pressed uniforms with polished rifles at the final services of a passing comrade. After Taps was played and the dedicatorial prayer was given, walk away and never pause to give a second thought to the deterioration of the tombstones of those who have passed on before. Reprehensible.

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