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Peer Helpers to host graduation party at Cheddar Field

Brandon Larsen, president of the Peer Helper group at Emery High School requested permission from the Castle Dale City Council to hold a graduation party at Cheddar Field in the city. "We are having a luau theme and we will have food and a lot of games. We will also rig up something to watch movies on the backstop. We also want to have a bonfire," said Larsen.

"We have talked to the neighbors in the area and their only concern is for the smoke from the fire. We are asking permission for the use of the field and also to have the wood piles moved and made smaller to reduce the amount of smoke. Our goal is to give the students of Emery High something fun to do for graduation. With the free food, games and activities, we are hoping to keep many of the students from doing things they shouldn't," stated Larsen.

Mayor Neal Peacock asked about supervision. Larsen and Lori Huntington explained that Sheriff's Office deputies will be present all evening. They will have learning activities for the students to participate in.

The National Guard will also be present with activities, along with many parent volunteers who will be running the games. The Sheriff's Office will be providing lighting for the field.

Another issue is the liability. Huntington explained that this will be a school sanctioned activity and the district's insurance will cover the liability issues. The council approved the request.

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