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Letter to the Editor: Where in the World is Patsy Stoddard?

Emery County

She's everywhere. Political events, city and county celebrations, home and away sports games, council meetings, bike rides in the desert, car washes, school plays, rodeos, graduation�. We'll just say that it's easier to list the places she's not. But if Patsy's not there, then Corey or Brandy will be.

We've grown accustomed to the Progress staff just showing up at all the County happenings. We even take it for granted that they'll just be there to take the pictures and write the story.

Patsy takes on many roles other than editor. She is the absentee mother cheering on kids at a game, a peacemaker when some people just can't get along, or just a shoulder to cry on when needed. Her dedication to her job is evident when the Governor's visit and Santa's visit receive the same coverage. We love you and your staff. We appreciate your hard work, your many miles traveled and your wisdom in choosing your written words. Keep up the good work.

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