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Huntington Elementary receives grant from Utah Credit Union board

Gary Arrington presents a check for $4,200 to Joylynn Humphrey at Huntington Elementary.

Joylynn Humphrey, a special education teacher at Huntington Elementary received a grant in the amount of $4,200 for her school. She applied for the grant to purchase a Smartboard for her classroom and was awarded enough money to purchase three boards for the school.

In her grant application, she noted that seven classrooms were not able to get the Smartboards with a grant that was received previously. She and the other teachers were applying for the boards and installation for their classrooms.

Many of the teachers have been trained in the use of the Smartboards but do not have them in their rooms. In the grant application, Humphrey noted how difficult it can be for students from year to year, who move into a classroom that does not have a Smartboard.

The students cannot continue with the same high quality educational experience and cannot reap the same benefits as other students.

"I see students in the classrooms that have Smartboards more engaged in their learning. It is not just the teacher teaching and the students learning, the students and teachers are working together to make the greatest degree of learning happen," said Humphrey.

Gary Arrington of the Utah Credit Union board and the 100 Percent for Kids program visited Huntington Elementary and awarded the check to Humphrey to purchase and install the Smartboards.

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