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Letter to the Editor: More Than Prayers

Washington, DC

If we want restrictions like those described in the July 9 article "Drought Causes State to Enter New Fire Restrictions in an Effort to Prevent Blazes in Brittle Forests" to be temporary, we'll have to do more than just pray for the next rain. In order to really prevent droughts, we need to do something about global warming. Until global warming is addressed, this drought may be repeated frequently in coming years. Droughts will be increasingly intense, making water shortages and fire risk even more problematic.

Humans are causing the problem: by burning fossil fuels we blanket the world in carbon dioxide, preventing heat from leaving the atmosphere and thus cause rising temperatures. As temperatures increase, so do evaporation rates: the result is increasingly strong and frequent droughts.

We must stop global warming by pursuing clean energy sources that do not produce CO2, like solar and wind power. Shifting to clean energy is necessary if we do not want to see the frequency and intensity of droughts increase.

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