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Photographs Exhibits Sought for Upcoming Fair

Once each year there is an opportunity to have a local art exhibit featuring individuals who live in Emery County. But for this type of activity to be successful it requires your participation as an exhibitor and as a spectator. Organizers of the Emery County Fair are encouraging all Emery County residents to take part and consider exhibiting your photographic images during the fair. According to fair organizers there are a number of personal benefits that can be obtained from taking part in the exhibits:

A. The success of the fair depends on you. Without active participation on all levels the fair will be less successful and those who live outside the area will not have as good of an opinion of us as they could and should have.

B. Use the exhibits as an educational experience. How do my efforts compare with others and what can be done to improve these creative efforts? This enables one to try to improve by better use of photographic techniques and to develop ideas on what to capture on film. After all photography is learning to see what you have not seen or noticed before and how to capture this on film. Sometimes it takes a while to understand what's happening, and to decide upon what you expect from the relationship of you, the camera and the image. You will not develop unless you practice and participate. This interaction with others is very satisfying and it improves with continuous effort.

C. Others will have the opportunity to view and enjoy your work.

This year there will be two types of exhibits. Those that will be judged and exhibits entered for exhibition purposes only. The purpose is to increase participation by having more pictures that have a human interest story, or greater display of locations in Emery County, or for the sake of photographs as art decor. People visit the fair to view the various types of exhibits. This is the need organizers hope to fulfill. To be successful one has to be able to add on to the success of prior years and to be able to point to the future.

Make a personal statement with your images. Mold the carious elements of making a photograph until you achieve what you want and the vision you are trying to capture.

Photography can be an exciting and creative adventure. Share the joy of creating these images and sharing them with others. The local library will have more specifics about the various types of classifications and how the pictures should be mounted. In short the guidelines as set out by the Utah State Fair Board will be followed.

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