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Seuohv Club Rides Again

This rider is visiting from Salt Lake and rides the Behind the Reef ride.

The SouthEastern Utah Off Highway Vehicle Club meets for the general membership on the first Wednesday each month at 7 p.m. They meet in the County Building in Castle Dale.

Another monthly activity is the club ride. The ride chairmen, Lee Swasey and Glenys Sitterud decide where to go and lead the ride. So far this year, the club has ridden Behind the Reef and Wickiup. The ride for June is scheduled for June 23 and will be off the point of Cedar Mountain. Everyone interested in riding should meet at the first cattle guard north of the Buckhorn well.

One important item discussed at the recent meeting was OHV courtesy and sharing the trails with cattle and sheep. This is the time of year when the cows and sheep are being trailed up onto the mountains. Cattle from the Ferron and Emery areas use the Rock Canyon Trail and the Hole Trail to gain access to the summer grazing areas.

SEUOHV Club requests all OHV users be courteous and obey the trail closures through herding season. The cows began to go up on the mountains using Rock Canyon on June 6 and should be done. The sheep that are going up that trail will begin on June 21. For courtesy reasons, riders should not use this trail during the livestock trailing season. The sheep should take two-three days.

As for the Hole Canyon trail and Dry Wash, OHV users are asked not to use those areas beginning June 21. The cattle and sheep should be off the trails in about a week. Users are asked to be courteous to the fellow trail users and not harass livestock or wildlife.

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