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Letter to the Editor: Little League coaches

By Lorna Jensen


The people of Emery County should take a moment to state how much they appreciate all the men and women that took their time to coach little league this season. These people are of an exceptional breed. Kisty Childs and Kris Bell are mothers that work full time and yet find time to help these boys and girls.

The Cleveland/Elmo parents should take more than a moment to express appreciation to Bodee Allred for the many hours he spent teaching and encouraging all the players. He did not single out just a few but worked with each and every boy to start building athletic ability and character. Their win record was anything but impressive unless you look at the winning theses boys did within themselves.

A little league final tournament record will be remembered by a few for a few years. The lessons he taught and the character he built in them through the experience he gave them will help shape the rest of their lives. He is truly the impressive type of person with dynamic ability and leadership skills that can be a positive influence at a time in the lives of these boys when they are so impressed by role models. Cleveland and Elmo are very lucky to have such a coach.

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