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CSI Camp

Tyler Tucker dusts for fingerprints at the mock crime scene at CSI Camp.

Five of Emery County's finest (junior high students) came to the Sheriff's Office to lend their crime solving talents to the department. Det. Sgt. Robert Blackburn opened the CSI Camp with some instructional videos and explanations of how to enter and process a crime scene.

Tyler Dasch, Tyler Tucker, Sabrina Bloomer, Jaiden Huntington and Kalin Reynolds listened and learned the newest techniques of crime scene investigation. The campers learned the steps to process a crime scene, how to mark the evidence properly, how to make castings of footprints around the scene, how to dust for fingerprints, and how to close off the scene to anyone else who may be in the area.

Following the instructional portion, the students were taken outside on the grounds of the Sheriff's Office to a mock crime scene. Det. John Barnett and Sgt. Norm Vuksinick helped the CSI campers make the plaster casts and lift fingerprints to begin the investigation into the scene.

After solving the crime, the campers were treated to a pizza lunch to conclude CSI Emery County.

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