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A Buzz Of Activity at the Museum Of the San Rafael


The new sign goes in at the Museum of the San Rafael.

The Museum of the San Rafael has been a busy place of late. There is a roof project going on at the present time. Swapp Roofing of Fairview is completing that project.

Janet Petersen is retiring as the museum director. She retired from the county in 1999 and went to work at the museum. She has been instrumental in acquiring many traveling exhibits for the museum and working on the permanent displays. One project she is particularly proud of is the mural painted by local artist Clifford Oviatt. She likes the many stuffed animals on display at the museum. The museum has been a labor of love for Petersen these last few years. She intends to stay involved with the museum and will remain on the board along with: Dixon Peacock who is a lifetime honorary member of the board, Ramal Jones, Pete Jones, Mervin Miles, Kent Petersen, Clifford Oviatt, Dawnette Tuttle, Commissioner Jeff Horrocks, Clyde Thompson and Christine Jensen.

Petersen said former board members Randy and Vicki Jensen have been very supportive as well. "All the board members who have served have just been wonderful. To begin with we were an all volunteer museum," said Petersen.

Doris Lamb, Kimble Larsen, Cliff Oviatt and Janet Petersen stand by the new sign at the museum.

The museum was owned by Castle Dale City. The county took over the operation of the museum in 2003, before that time the county partnered with Castle Dale City to help with expenses. A reception was given at the museum for Petersen to wish her well in her retirement from the museum.

Another project, Oviatt completed for the museum was the painting and installation of a new sign. The Museum of San Rafael sign had faded over the years and Oviatt painted a bright new sign welcoming visitors to the museum. The sign was completed with grant money from the state museum board.

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