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Petroglyphs on the Museum of the San Rafael

Eldon Holmes, Janet Peterson, Vicky Holmes, Kyle Holmes and Justin Bernard stand in front of the new metal petroglyphs Eldon made for the Museum of the San Rafael.

Eldon Holmes, one of Emery County's resident artists recently completed a project for Jan Petersen, director of the Museum of the San Rafael. Petersen recently retired from the museum, but stayed on to see this project through.

Her idea was to install large metal sculptures of the more famous petroglyphs in this area on the outside walls of the museum building. Holmes was recruited to do the metal work and install the pieces on the building. Armed with drawings of the five most popular and recognizable petroglyphs, he went to work on the more than life sized sculptures.

To fund the project, Petersen applied for and was granted the funds from the Utah State Office of Museum Services. "This has been one of my most favorite projects," said Petersen. "I couldn't leave before it was done."

Holmes, his wife Vicky, his son Kyle Holmes, and a friend Justin Bernard were involved with the installation of the petroglyphs on the walls of the museum.

Another fun thing the Museum is starting is the Joseph Venus coloring contest. Venus has published five coloring books and the Museum staff has chosen a picture for the children to color in a contest that will run until Aug. 4. Venus will be on hand to judge the contest and award the prizes. There are three age groups for the contest: five-six; seven-nine; and 10-12.

Children in these age groups are welcome to come into the Museum during business hours to color their entry into the contest. There will be cash and ribbon prizes awarded.

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