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Marjorie Ward

Marjorie Johnson Ward, will be celebrating her 90th birthday on July 24. She was born with a bang, in Huntington Utah, the youngest child of Alex and Hannah Gordon Johnson. She married Heber Ward in 1933. She is the mother of six children, Dennis, Deon (deceased), Diane, Joe, JoAnn (deceased) and Devon (deceased). She has 17 grandchildren and many great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren. "We want to wish her a very Happy Birthday," said her family.

Verda Leautaud

Verda Leautaud will be celebrating her 80th birthday with on open house for friends and family on July 28 from 2-4 p.m. at the Heirloom Inn in Price, 145 North Carbon Avenue. The event will be givenh by her family, so stop by and see her. Bert, Rosalyn and Andre Leautaud of Windsor, Colo. and Pat and Chatlotte Leonard and family of Price. Please, no gifts.

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