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Deadline passes for filing for city offices

The deadline to file for candidacy in the upcoming election has passed. In Ferron, three four-year council seats are up for election. Jo Ann Behling, Ronny Bloomer, Jack Clark, Randy D. Fox, and Parke L. Killpack have filed to run for those seats. In the two-year mayor race, Gil L. Conover and Clifford W. Snow have filed.

Huntington will need to hold a primary election due to the number of candidates who have filed in the races in that town. Three four-year council seats will be open and those filers are Gary Arrington, Jim Gordon, Michael K. Hurdsman, Julie Jones, Travis Larsen, Jerry Livingston, and Norman Richardson. Five citizens have filed for the mayoral race, which will be a two-year position. They are: Sharon Kay Baker Earl, Hilary Gordon, Cade Jones, Bob T. Mills, and Ronald G. Zufelt.

In Orangeville, those who have filed to run for the council openings are Courtney S. Cox, Kevin W. Reynolds, Alan Paul Riddle and Jeffery N. Tuttle. Three openings are available.

In the town of Cleveland, the mayoral seat is a two-year position and only one candidate has filed. Chris J. Parkins will run unopposed for the mayor seat. For the four-year council seat, Verla Jensen and Greg Oliver have filed to run. For the two-year council seat, Jason L. Merrell and Richard Murdoch have filed for that seat.

The mayoral race in Emery is also a two-year seat with Mistie J. Christiansen and Gary L. Petty filing. Three people have filed for the two four-year council seats and they are Farren Hunsaker, Gary Jensen and Patrick Sundstrom.

Castle Dale is having council seat elections only and those who have filed are Bradley H. Giles, Joel S. Dorsch and Kollette K. Cologie.

In the city of Green River, the council candidates are: Elaine Antinarelli, Keith Brady, Pat Brady, Dan Harrison, Glen Dale Johnson, Keith Johnson, Karen Silliman and Lucas R. Shorts.

Those cities in which mayoral elections are being held are for only two-year terms due to the seat being vacated before the term was finished. In Ferron, Gil Bowden resigned, in Huntington Jackie Wilson resigned, in Cleveland, Jeff Horrocks was elected to the county commission, and in Emery, Michael Williams passed away.

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