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American Legion moves Huntington's cannon

Ray Quinn, Larry Randall, Hal Neilson, Bert Leamaster George Wilberg, Fon Leamaster, 1st Sgt Waco Randall, Ira Hatch, James Jensen and Max Larsen.

After more than 50 years on duty at Huntington Town Hall, the American Legion cannon has received new orders. The cannon has been promoted and will be shipped to the War Memorial at Castle Dale. The American Legion Post 73 members said good-bye to their faithful buddy at their last meeting.

Due to the increased need for more weapons to fight in this war, the request for a cannon was denied for the war memorial at the present time.

District Commander Ray Quinn was not going to see it become any less than what it was designed to be. He went to the Huntington City Council and asked them if they would be willing to let the cannon go to the war memorial. They graciously agreed to do this.

Tyler Wilstead moves the cannon from its location in front of the American Legion Hall in Huntington to the trailer for transport to the road department where it will be refurbished.

This is just another example of the towns working closely together to achieve a major goal. Huntington City should indeed be proud of their mayor and council for this great act of unselfishness.

The cannon was transported to the Emery County Road Department by Tyler Wilstead, son of Dodd and Connie Wilstead, owners of DNW Trucking. It will receive its new uniform of olive green and fitted with new ammo cans and a new set of wheels to begin its new mission.

All of this could not be possible if our county commissioners had not stepped up and took action to get the war memorial funded and made a reality. Hats off to the commissioners.

The Veterans of Emery County appreciate the commissioners and all the citizens of Emery County for making the war memorial possible.

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