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Month long investigation leads to drug related arrests

Members of the Emery County Drug Task Force seized marijuana plants during a recent drug arrest

Members of the Emery County Drug Task Force arrested three people on July 12 in the culmination of a month-long investigation of possible drug-related activity at a Ferron residence.

The investigation indicated that there was a good possibility that marijuana cultivation was taking place at the house in Ferron. The task force presented information for a search warrant to the judge, who signed the search warrant.

The task force executed the search warrant at 7 p.m. that evening. Those involved in the operation were: Sergeant Tom Harrison, Detective Greg Funk, Deputy Brook Smith, Deputy Jeremiah Johnson, Sergeant Norm Vuksinick, Deputy Blake Gardner and his drug dog and Detective Jeff Thomas.

During the course of the search a quarter pound of marijuana was found and paraphernalia that would constitute the intent to sell that marijuana. Numerous live plants and an elaborate marijuana growing system consisting of grow lights, fans and other equipment used in cultivation of marijuana.

One male and two females were arrested and are being held in the Emery County jail. This arrest culminates a month long investigation by the Emery County Drug Task Force.

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