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Aspen Ward does service project

Volunteers complete indoor repairs.

In conjunction with the Commission on Volunteers "Summer of Service", the Aspen Fifth Ward from Orem arrived in Green River July 20. Twenty two youth and 13 adults came armed and prepared to facilitate repairs on the 100 year old building occupied by the Community Center/Boys and Girls Club of Green River. They brought man power and supplies.

The Boys and Girls Club of Utah County being aware of this project brought paint and the Utah State Food Bank gave a cash donation toward the purchase of needed supplies. This group of young men and ladies and their leaders, nailed, painted, designed and even painted a mural.

They painted a key for the basketball court, 4-square, hop-scotch and a tether ball was installed. We had been working on our half pipe for skateboarding and our Sixth Gear Skating Program and they helped with that too. They worked until after 7:30 p.m., and came back Friday to finish.

The Community Center provided water, snacks, meals, snow-cones, popcorn and shade for this hard working crew. The Community Center/Boys and Girls Club was in dire need of the repairs.

Joni Pace and her staff, the youth and seniors the Center serves and the Volunteers who donate their time there appreciate the Aspen Fifth Ward for their kindness and generosity.

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