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Zions Bank donates to miners families

Huntington Mayor Hilary Gordon visits with Tom Morgan of Zions Bank.

Tom Morgan, president of the central division of Zions Bank, came to Huntington to meet with the families of the 15 deceased, injured or trapped miners and give them the news of the donation.

Morgan said that Scott Anderson gave him the authorization to give each of the miner's families caught up in the Crandall Canyon Mine tragedy $5,000.

Morgan, along with Jerald Waite, Lo Nessman, Joel Hatch and Errol Holt met with the families to inform them of the arrangements which had been made. The families could take the money all at once in the form of a check, or they could leave it in a savings account which will be able to accept any donations to the family from outside sources.

Morgan took along Adriana Duran, a Zions Bank employee, to act as interpreter for the families.

Huntington Mayor Hilary Gordon said of the gift, "Thank you from our community. Experiencing people's generosity is great."

Donations are still being accepted at any Zions Bank branch. Note on the donations that it is for the Crandall Canyon Mine families.

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