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Letter to the Editor: Prayers for the miners

Acampo, Calif.

To the families, miners and state officials.

Please accept this humble letter of thoughtfulness and prayer. I have been home unexpectedly and have been watching the plight of all you have been going through since this terrible tragedy has affected you and your mining brothers and sisters.

While it will be of meager comfort, I want you to know that people across America are praying for your lost family members and for the families of the rescue workers who were killed giving their all in the hope others may live. We pray for the mining owner/operators and the state or government officials, who each day have to make decisions no person should have to make regarding the lives of others, and we pray for the families of the lost ones who are riding that roller coaster of hope, despair and frustration.

This letter is a meager offering. Were we your neighbors, we would be cooking meals and bringing coffee or whatever small tasks might relieve some of your burden. Being two states away, all we can offer is our positive thoughts and hope and our daily prayers. Please know that others are thinking of all of you across the United States. Perhaps they don't have the luxury of being home right now but even in the passing of their daily lives, I know that others think and pray for all of you and your lived ones, those accounted for and those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Please know that our hearts and prayers go out to each and every one of you. Our strength we try to lend through thought and prayer. May God hold you in the palm of his hand and may any kindness given or made from you or to you help to ease your burdens at this time. We pray for your daily.

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