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Letter to the Editor: Evil Mountain?


In the production of coal, men do battle with nature every day. This fight allows the rest of us to enjoy a quality of life never before achieved by mankind. Accordingly the men owning and working in the mines have to reach a level of professionalism not required of many vocations. Although the daily work can become routine a miner is always aware everything can change in an instant.

In mining decisions are made constantly, which if made incorrectly, can result in injury and loss of life. It is good and intelligent people who shoulder this responsibility and live with it daily.

Sometimes it can go bad, as we have recently seen. I am sure our miners will look at everything that has happened and learn from it. Others are also looking at what has happened. Hopefully they will not begin their inquiry with the assumption, as some have done, that negligence or greed is the cause.

It has been said the mountain embracing the Crandall Canyon Mine is evil. I personally do not believe so. I think it is a creation of God simply acting in nature's sometimes unforgiving manner. Yet if through some mechanism it became evil, there is no doubt, in my mind, that it remains so.

The bodies of the men entombed in the mountain, the lives given, bodies broken, and worked performed in the rescue attempt, the love of all their families, and the faith of the community have certainly purged the evil from the mountain.

So again, the soil, rock, water, and coal of that mountain, are as pure as the day God created them.

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