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Opening files via drag & drop

Sun Advocate/Progress Network Administrator

Virtually everyone knows files can be opened in Windows by double clicking them. But many do not know that files can be opened via drag and drop. Here's how:

First, start the program that you want to open the files with.

Now, minimize the program (don't close it).

Open a file explorer window (press Win+E or simply double click My Computer).

Inside your file explorer window, browse to the folder that contains the file(s) you want to open.

Drag the files down to the task bar, on top of the program you opened earlier. Hold the mouse there until the program restores to the forefront of the screen.

From there, drag the files into the middle of the program window and drop the file(s). They should open momentarily.

Now, not all programs support this feature, but most modern programs do.

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