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Credit union raises funds for miners

Staff writer

Huntington Mayor Hilary Gordon and Kaylene Pearson, Utah Power Credit Union receive a check from Diana Windley of Goldenwest Credit Union in Ogden.

Diana Windley, marketing director of Goldenwest Credit Union in Ogden, along with Amber Neilson, came to Huntington to meet with Kaylene Pearson of Utah Power Credit Union. The two brought with them a check for $5,187.90 which had been raised to give to the Crandall Canyon mine families who have been touched by the recent tragedy.

Windley explained that one of the mortgage officers in the Goldenwest office is also the president of the Bountiful Performing Arts group. He had met with her and explained the group wanted to do something to raise money for the families of the lost miners. His board of directors decided to do a performance with all the funds raised to be given to the families.

Windley opened a memorial account to handle the money and placed a sign in their office announcing that donations would be accepted for this project.

"We began to receive money from members who walked into the office and also non-members who were mailing the money in," said Windley. "In the two and a half weeks we collected and with the money from the Bountiful Performing Arts, which was $3,100, we collected $5,187.90."

"The process began to partner with another credit union to ensure the money would get to the families. All credit unions help each other and I was so glad to find Utah Power Credit Union here in Huntington willing to help out," continued Windley.

Pearson explained a fund already in existence at Utah Power Credit Union that was handling donations for the families. Windley said she would wire the funds to Pearson to be placed in that account. After some discussion, Goldenwest managers decided to bring the money in person to be turned over to Huntington Mayor Hilary Gordon and Pearson at Utah Power Credit Union.

"We wanted everyone to know how generous our members are, and we also want this money to go to the families as soon as possible to meet their immediate needs. We don't know their needs, but want to help and we want them to feel the love of the rest of the state," said Windley.

Pearson added that Utah Power Credit Union has also had many generous donations to their fund. "We are still accepting donations," said Pearson. "Utah Power Credit Union put in $5,000 to start the fund and we are taking more donations from members and non-members every day for the families of this horrible tragedy."

Mayor Gordon said upon receipt of the donation from Goldenwest Credit Union, "Thank you, this is so neat. Honestly, I can't tell you how much this is needed for the families. These families needs go on. The generosity of people through this is greater than I ever dreamed it could be.

"Recently, a man called city hall and talked to me. He was from London, England, and said he had owned the Crandall Canyon mine before Mr. Murray bought it. He said his name was Peter Green. He sent $100,000 and said it was the least he could do for the families. I want everyone to know that Huntington City is making sure the money goes directly to the families with no misappropriations of it.

"We have received many very generous donations. Such an outcry of generosity has just blown me away. We have received money, cards, quilts, blankets, and other items for the families, and we have received things from all over the country and other countries too. It is just phenomenal the outpouring of love. It has been overwhelming," said Mayor Gordon.

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