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Letter to the Editor: Good-bye to Emery County

By Warne and Zenna Linton

Due to circumstances beyond our control Zenna and I made the decision to move back to Minnesota. The decision to make the move is in regards to Zenna's health. She is now in the stage where she requires 24-hour care. We felt we would have more family support by living near our son and my brother.

This was not an easy decision to make, I assure you. The 20 years we have lived in Emery County has been very rewarding for both of us. People of Emery County, as a whole, appreciate each other and go out of their way to help their fellow man. We are leaving behind many cherished and dear friends and relatives.

I thoroughly enjoyed my 10 years of teaching at Castle Dale Elementary. The staff, parents and students at Castle Dale Elementary are special. I enjoyed the 10 years I served as chairman of the Emery County Republican Party. Zenna and I enjoyed our involvement in politics. We met many interesting people.

We are grateful to the many friends and relatives who came and helped us sort and load our belongings. It was my desire to spend time seeing as many friends and relatives as possible, however, my brother was anxious to be on the road. It was a good idea as we were just ahead of a snowstorm in Colorado.

We have enjoyed the opportunity of living in Emery County and hope we have been an asset to the citizens of the county.

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