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Editor's notes: What a month!


So many funerals, but now it has ended. A small part has ended, but the larger part has now begun. The part of living without these nine people in our lives. Nine people not to be seen again in this life.

So many missing links, so many holes in hearts never to be filled again. But life must go on. There is no other way.

These young children must grow up without dads. These widows must continue to live even if half of their souls are gone. How difficult this must be.

Everyone has lost loved ones and sometimes we know their time is near and sometimes they are snatched unaware in the middle of the night. Whatever the circumstances, it still hurts. It cuts deep. It changes life.

But who will you become with the changes that have been put before you? Will you become stronger or will you be swallowed whole? Only you can answer those questions.

I know life changing events can make or break you. I know people who have lost a child who simply fell apart and gave up. They quit living their lives, became shells of their former selves.

Loved ones gone before us do not want us to lose our lives because they are no longer with us. Our time will come to be with them again, not now, someday.

Each day of life is a gift. A gift from heaven. How disappointed our God and our loved ones would be if we didn't appreciate each and every day we've been given.

If we don't continue on and make our way forward, what good were all the sacrifices they made for us? Life is never easy. We wish it were.

I have a Charlie Brown book which philosophies about decisions. It says, "Life is full of decisions, but you never get any. A lot of what we do might be cut and dried and decided for us. But we do have decisions to make. We can decide to be happy. We can decide to serve others. We can decide to have meaningful lives. We can decide never to say hurtful things again. We can decide not to quarrel."

So many decisions we do get to make--let's choose to live our personal best for whatever time we have.

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