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Utahns' hearts not bound by county lines

Executive Director of Utah Association of Counties

On behalf of Utah Association of Counties, our heart felt sympathies go out to all the residents of Huntington, Emery County, Carbon County, and all those who have been affected by the Crandall Canyon Mine collapse. Through this hard time, we have seen Utah's counties join together to service each other's needs of transportation, medical care, food, education and security.

We have realized the amount of support and number of volunteers it takes to do everything from handling the media, directing traffic, coordinating rescue efforts and providing security for families in need.

Utah Association of Counties would like to acknowledge and honor the heroic efforts of both Emery and Carbon County, the county commissioners, and the sheriff's offices that have provided a great deal of protection to the residents while coordinating elements of the rescue efforts.

This disaster has shown the importance of counties coming together and protecting the families and their wellbeing in times of crisis. Tragedies are not the ideal way to bring people together, but Emery and Carbon County have proven that county lines do not separate families, friends, and residents.

The support that everyone has shown is a clear definition of what our state values, which is offering a helping hand when someone is in need.

The amount of security and control of the people who surrounded Crandall Canyon was vital to public safety. The Emery County's Sheriff's Office, led by Sheriff LaMar Guymon, provided security with assistance from the department of Public Safety, the highway patrol and Carbon County Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff Guymon and his deputies divided their time and efforts amongst the schools, mine and medical facilities.

In helping coordinate the rescue efforts, the Sheriff's Office had deputies at the mine site at all times to supply support materials to maintain the operations of the command posts at Crandall Canyon.

Utah Association of Counties is grateful for what Sheriff Guymon and the sheriff's office has done and will continue to do, even beyond this current time of need.

The Carbon County Sheriff's Office and Sheriff Jim Cordova provided their command center and assisted with governor security.

The tragedy has brought together communities from across the state. Fundraisers, vigils and celebrations have been held throughout Emery and Carbon County in support of the miners and their families.

Now is the time to reflect on Emery and Carbon County, their united efforts to protect their county residents, friends, families and many of those involved or affected by the Crandall Canyon Mine disaster.

Through periods of waiting and times of distress, the counties' workforce, like the sheriff's office, has done a tremendous job in handling each task.

Utah Association of Counties shares its sympathy along with everyone in Utah and knows that our counties' hope and support for each other stretches beyond their respective borders.

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