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Letter to the Editor: Political discord


The architects of our nation had a great understanding of human nature. They knew no matter how small or large a problem seemed, disagreement would follow on the best course of action. They also understood that if one side felt unrepresented there would never be unity on a solution and eventually revolt would follow.

So they set up our government in such a way, as to ensure, one side would not remain out of power indefinitely. They knew lack of political sway could cause an opposing side to do anything to regain influence.

In the present we are seeing a particularly ugly example of this lust for lost dominance. Our nation is at war with a ruthless enemy. An enemy our military faces daily and defeats routinely. Unfortunately these brave people who fight the war also have to suffer the shameful and silly antics of some people back home. These people are struggling to regain their lost political power through dissent directed at the war. Many believe the ability to voice dissent is one of our nation's strengths. I am sure it is. However in war it has proven to be an aid to our enemy. We have seen how this struggle at home gives our adversaries hope to fight on with their barbaric methods.

Recently it has occurred to me that if discord is a required ingredient of wartime success, I don't think it is, its presence is a reminder of childhood and being forced to eat some type of nasty tasting food with the assurance that despite the flavor and smell it is good for you.

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