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Region 8's Juan Diego takes tennis title

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A doubles team plays for Emery tennis.

The last two 3-A tennis titles went to Pine View High School with Juan Diego finishing second. This season Pine View moved up to 4-A and won another tennis state championship leaving Juan Diego to finally win a championship.

Juan Diego won the region championship this season followed by North Sanpete, Emery and Delta. Carbon does not play girls tennis yet although there is talk going around that they may soon.

Juan Diego took all three state championships in singles tennis. Ogden finished second in state and won the two doubles championships. Logan was third and Judge Memorial finished fourth.

Finishing third this season was Whitney Saupan at second singles, Whitney Allen and Adriane Weihing at first doubles and Melanie Frisbie and Holly Hatch at second doubles. Meagan Singleton at first singles and Courtney Sitterud at third singles finished fourth in region. All qualified for state.

Whitney and Adriane were the only ones to win a match at state. They defeated the team from Canyon View that had finished second in their region. Although some of the others played well and even may have won a game, they were not able to win a match and advance to the next round.

Kaitlin Potter had played at second doubles all season with Melanie but an injury sidelined her and kept her from playing with the team at the state tournament.

With only Whitney Allen, Holly Hatch and Meagan Singleton graduating this season, Coach Tom Hansen is already excited for next season. "Things look promising already. If we could only get rid of the schools that are too big and the two private schools, it would open up 3-A tennis to a bunch of new schools. We will have five top players back next season and we could be good."

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