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Historian to speak at museum

The Museum of the San Rafael in conjunction with the Emery County Historical Society announce a reception in honor of Peter L. Goss, PHD. on Oct. 24 at 7 p.m. in the Museum of the San Rafael

Goss is an architectural historian and documentary photographer at the University of Utah. He has undertaken a rephotography project in which he tracked down a number of original houses and rephotographed them with today's occupant's standing before them. Some of those rephotographs are J. W. Seely and John Y. Jensen homes in Castle Dale and Bishop Oveson's home in Cleveland.

These homes were first photographed by George Edward Anderson, one of Utah's most prolific late nineteenth and early twentieth century photographers. The exhibit will contain these as well as many other rephotographs.

For more information call Margaret at the Museum of the San Rafael 381-5252 or Joyce at 381-2510 or 749-0041.

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