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Letter to the Editor: School vouchers

Richland, Wash.


School vouchers are the ultimate anti-discrimination device. Funny, liberals tend to paint themselves as the champions of the poor, the oppressed, and yet their actions ensure that only the rich can afford private schools. In fact, it seems that the political and social leaders who are the most virulently opposed to school choice seldom send their own children to public schools.

Why would a parent vote against freedom of choice? Why would anyone throw away options? Every child is so different, and for that reason alone, there should be many alternatives - for everyone, not just the rich. Perhaps the public school is better, but what if it isn't? Shouldn't we have the right to put our children someplace exceptional?

I am writing from another (blue) state, where the hope for vouchers burns pretty dim. The only chance we have here is if a forward-thinking state, preferably Utah, shows that it can be done, and sets the precedent. You have it within your power to start something incredible nationwide. The future of millions of children is in your hands this election.

When in doubt, opt for more freedom. Make our Founding Fathers proud.

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