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Emery Scholarship fund to host haunted corn patch in Castle Dale

Staff writer

The haunted corn patch near Castle Dale will be the site for some scary stuff on Halloween night from 8-10 p.m.

The Emery Scholarship Fund is off and running. Many fund raising events are planned and Halloween night the local high school and junior high students can participate in the haunted corn patch on Ghost Road in Castle Dale. This event is geared for older students and adults and will be "too scary" for young children. There will be an entry fee of $4.

This group of dedicated and enthusiastic Emery County residents have formed a scholarship foundation to help Emery County people succeed. It is called the Emery Scholarship Fund and the group is determined to raise enough money for this fund to become a permanent scholarship. The board of directors, JR Nelson, Neal Peacock, Jared Anderson, Tyler Jeffs, Shanae Butler, Diane Carter and Jennie Allinson, have worked for more than a year compiling information to help with their pursuit.

"We are in the process of sending out letters informing all the alumni we can locate about this great opportunity for them to give back to Emery County. This scholarship fund has been established to help provide local students with the opportunity of a higher education locally, and enable those students to improve themselves and help them contribute to the local economy and the community," said Jeffs. "I was raised here and this is where I plan to live. I want other people who feel like this to be able to do the same."

The foundation has been holding fund raisers to provide the beginnings of this project. Peacock held a spoiled princess pageant at Emery High School in 2006 and raised $2,000. Plans for this same pageant are underway for this year.

Jeffs said other fund raising ideas are being planned, such as the Christmas Tree Festival, as well as the letter campaign which will solicit donations from all of those people who are proud of their Emery County heritage and want to make things better for the upcoming students.

During the basketball season at Emery High, at half time of each boys and girls home game, a contest will be held which everyone can enter for a small fee. The winner of the contest could win $5,000.

The mission statement of this group is to provide scholarships to Emery High graduating seniors who have a long term potential of benefiting Emery County. Also to provide scholarships to resident adults to enhance their earning potential in Emery County. Another goal is to create partnerships with business and industry in Emery County to provide more relevant education for employees in Emery County, and to raise funds for the ESF through donations that will eventually become an endowment fund.

To make a donation to this great cause and receive a tax deductible receipt, send it, along with your name and mailing address, to Emery Scholarship Fund, P.O. Box 1062, Castle Dale, UT 84512. For more information concerning the Emery Scholarship Fund, call one of the board members.

Jeffs is determined to make the scholarship fund succeed as well as the other board members. They want everyone to have a chance to enjoy the lifestyle Emery County has to offer while being able to make a good living by staying and contributing back to the community.

Jeffs along with Farm Bureau Financial sponsored a dice game at the Emery County fair where the winner could take home two four wheelers or $15,000 cash. Lori Brady from Elmo spelled the word money with the dice and chose to take home the money. Other events of this type will be sponsored to go along with getting the scholarship fund established.

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