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Letter to the Editor: Answer to Mr. Sharp

EHS government and civics teacher


I was a little offended by William Sharp's school voucher letter. At the same time, I am hesitant to write a response fearing it will give credence to a letter that deserves none.

However, I must say that to call the public, who are hesitant about vouchers that no citizen of Carbon or Emery counties will ever claim, "anti-God liberals" and "molding the next generation of liberal activists." And the educators in our public schools, "where only God-less curriculum is allowed is neither fair nor morally acceptable to those who believe in God."

It left a bitter taste in my alkali lovin' mouth. At Emery High up the street from Mr. Sharp, all four of the government and history teachers, are conservative Republicans who are either state or county delegates and serve in several capacities in their communities.

All are returned missionaries with wonderful wives and families who love their God and country. Mr. Sharpe must have been talking about some other schools and voucher opponents than those teaching at Emery High but he didn't say that in his letter.

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