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Deputies capture escaped convict


Sydney Benner led deputies on a chase through Ferron and north on SR-10.

A fugitive from justice found his way to Emery County and was apprehended on Oct. 22. Sydney Benner escaped from the Copiah County jail in Mississippi where he was being held on charges when he attempted to shoot a Mississippi highway patrolman. He was being held at the time pending charges from Florida.

He escaped over the fence at the jail and traveled by train and walking until he reached Colorado where he stole a Jeep Cherokee from Grand Junction, Colo.

He traveled from Grand Junction to Green River where he filled the Jeep with fuel and paid for it with a stolen credit card. After filling up with gas, he couldn't get the vehicle started again. He abandoned that vehicle and began looking for another vehicle to steal.

He stole a vehicle from Ben's Cafe belonging to one of the cooks. He drove that vehicle to Emery where he attempted to buy fuel again with a stolen credit card.

Randy Lake owner of Randy's in Emery is a member of the Emery County Search and Rescue team. He was alerted by the suspicious behavior of the driver. He observed the driver after he had driven away from the service station removing the license plate from the vehicle. The vehicle headed north on SR-10 towards Ferron.

Lake called in the suspicious vehicle to dispatch who sent Deputy Casey Alton who then pursued the vehicle. He was joined by Det. John Barnett. The suspect attempted to avoid the deputies by taking several side streets in Ferron and then back onto SR-10. Deputy Shaun Bell joined the pursuit. The suspect vehicle attempted to make a turn up Rock Canyon but went off the road and through a barbed wire fence. Benner then attempted to flee on foot. Deputies followed the suspect. He was ordered to stop and put his arms in the air. The suspect turned and faced the deputies in a shooting stance. Deputy Alton drew his weapon and ordered Benner to put his arms in the air. Benner raised his arms into the air and he was then taken into custody. He is being held on numerous charges at the Emery County detention center.

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